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It never fails, I just start to feel like I’m getting comfortable in life….I start telling myself to relax and to enjoy the ride. Then the inevitable happens….I get bored! Kayla and I always like our glass full when it comes to life. We don’t handle idle time very well. Not to say we don’t relax, we just schedule it:) We live life with a very intentional purpose.

Below is a list of organizations I’m involved with or have been involved in in the past. Life is just so much more fun when you can be totally excited about something, learning, or giving back. These are the organizations that fill our souls.

North Point Community Church – When we moved to the Atlanta suburb of Alpharetta, we went church shopping. As with every move(we have moved a lot being military), we Google local churches and ask around. North Point kept coming up over and over. At first, it was overwhelming with so many people but we quickly found our people. The children’s ministry may be the best in the US!

Missouri University of Science and Technology – I graduated from this school in 2003 with a BS in Economics. It was such a great experience in my life! It was a struggle, I have very little money…often worked multiple jobs but I made it. I go back as often as I can but it’s never enough. I’ve recently started becoming more involved with the Alumni group.

Think Multifamily – In the summer of 2019, I was having a great problem to have. I always had far more private money than I needed to purchase and renovate houses and we became so fast in selling the homes that investors were asking us to invest their hard-earned dollars longer. I needed a solution and I found it with multifamily apartments. I could deploy private money longer, in larger amounts, and more friends and family could invest.

Gracie Jiu Jitsu – When we moved to Atlanta I wanted to learn a martial art that was the best in self-defense. At the time, I was hoping to travel more with my job to some not so safe countries. It never panned out but I found Gracie BJJ and the local affiliate Tiger Academy in Alpharetta. The Gracie family founded the Army’s Combative’s program and the UFC…so it was good enough for me:) If you’ve never tried it, it’s an amazing workout and might save your life!

Renaissance Periodization – I thought I knew how to work out and diet for performance. Not so much, the coaches at RP have helped me tremendously. Most of their coaches have Ph.D.’s and are athletes themselves. Multiple Olympic athletes have sought their advice.

*Note: We are very active in our children’s school and other activities, due to their privacy we do not post specifics…thanks!

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