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Why Do I Invest in Multifamily Apartments

In early 2019, I was having a great problem to have. I always had far more private money than I needed to purchase and renovate houses and we became so fast at selling the homes that investors were asking us to invest their hard-earned dollars longer. I also had a large tax bill from the active income from renovation side of my business. I needed a solution and I found it with multifamily apartments. I could deploy private money longer, in larger amounts, reduce my taxable burden, and more friends and family could invest.

Factors for Success

Any apartment complex has 3 main factors for success including: product, price, people. We can effectively come in and completely revamp through an infusion of capital which then drives up pricing; and out management teams are second to none, which builds a strong resident culture who wants to stay and who are willing to pay extra due to phenomenal service and living experience.

What We Look For In a Market

We concentrate on acquiring properties in areas such as Atlanta, Huntsville, Savannah, and most of Texas or any area that share key critical factors including:

  • Job growth
  • Populations Growth
  • Landlord Friendly
  • Reasonable Cost of Living

How The Process Works

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